The Wretched Hive: January 10, 2020

Episode #104: Our in-depth review and analysis of THE RISE OF SKWALKER continues with a detailed look at the timeline, focused on when PALPATINE made love, made whoopie, shagged, did it, made the beast with two backs, engaged in coitus, had intercourse, or otherwise copulated with the female of a similar species to create the son that in turn helped make is granddaughter, REY PALPATINE-SKYWALKER.  Plus we have plenty of news to cover on the making of TROS and “mistakes” Disney can learn from, Baby Yoda’s “real” name, an impromptu Star Wars Choices, and the (not very) triumphant return of the Star Wars Tweet of the Week! This episode is dedicated to Neil Peart, his family, friends, and fans. RIP Neil.

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